Craft Cuddler

Portable adjustable workbench for boats, planes, cars, and helicopter RC models

Craft Cuddler


"We need a portable workbench -- adjustable from one size model to the next -- that keeps our models (boats, planes, cars, helicopters) off the ground so they don't get damaged while being worked on."

The Craft Cuddler is rugged, lightweight and adjustable from one size craft to another. Strong yet soft straps feature Velcro fasteners to securely lock your craft into position during service work. Craft Cuddler allows positioning of most boats or planes right side up, upside down, or on their sides -- while not allowing stabs, wings or keels to get damaged. Plus, you can make repairs without fatiguing your back. Fully adjustable in height, width and length...perfect for virtually any size model up to 40 lbs.

• Adjustable
• Lightweight
• Durable
• Compact and portable design

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