Utilizing the highest quality raw good available, Wildcat fuels are designed to get you in the sky and keep you there. Whether you fly helicopters or Airplanes, Wildcat offers a variety of fuel options for every skillset. With KLOTZ custom engineered oil packages, you can rest assured you engine has the protection it needs too.

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2&4 Cycle:

2&4 Cycle is available in 10%, 15%, and 20% nitro blends. This fuel was developed with 4-stroke engine performance and protection in mind. Wildcat 2&4 Cycle fuels contain18% oil volume (except YS/20 which contains 20% total oil) and is totally synthetic. Due to the 18% oil content, Wildcat 2&4 Cycle fuels can be run in any 2-stroke engine (except ducted fans) where a fuel with total synthetic oil is desired.


Youngblood Pereformance 30 was designed for the hardcore 3D flyer in mind. YP30 contains 23% synthetic oil.


Premium is available in 5%, 10%, and 15% nitro blends. This is a fuel for all your 2-stroke needs. Wildcat premium contains 16% total oil with a composition of 80% synthetic and 20% degummed racing castor. This fuel can be used in all 2-stroke engines that are ABC or AAC ball bearing engines.

Premium Xtra:

Premium Xtra is available in 10% and 15% nitro blends and contains 18% total oil wiwth a composition of 80% synthetic and 20% degummed racing castor. The extra 2% oil being for ringed, brushed engines, break0in and where extra oil is simply wanted or required by warranty.


Helimix 30% is designed to maximize torque and provide for ultra smooth FAI compensation type flying.


ProMix is available in 20%, 25%, 35%, 45% and 65% nitro formula's. This fuel was specifically designed for high performance engines running in harsh environments such as cars, boats and high performance aircraft. ProMix contains a scientific blend of synthetics and degummed racing castors for a total oil volume of 18%. With a blend ratio of 95% synthetic and 5% degummed racing castor, ProMix fuels have become world renown for their power, transition and engine life. ProMix has set several records without sacrificing the engine to do so.

Xtreme Clean:

X-treme Clean is specially formulated to cut stubborn engine oil residue. This cleaner/degreaser is extremely strong and works fast. X-treme Clean cleans plastics, vinyl and cloth materials without leaving a soapy film. This cleaner will not remove decals or damage paint and is safe on Monokote and similar films.

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