Created from premium raw goods, Wildcat RC helicopter and airplane glow fuels are designed to get you in the sky and keep you there. Whether you fly helicopters or airplanes, Wildcat has a fuel option for every skill set. Plus, KLOTZ custom-engineered oil packages ensure your engine has the protection it needs.

We encourage you to try Wildcat’s RC plane fuel from your local hobby shop. Click here to find Wildcat Fuel dealers near you.

If you are unable to locate the blend you are looking for, click here to view blends available direct from Byron Originals, Inc.

RC Airplane Glow Fuel

2&4 Cycle:

2&4 Cycle is available in 10%, 15%, and 20% nitro blends. This fuel was developed with 4-stroke engine performance and protection in mind. Wildcat 2&4 Cycle fuels contain18% oil volume (except YS/20 which contains 20% total oil) and is totally synthetic. Due to the 18% oil content, Wildcat 2&4 Cycle fuels can be run in any 2-stroke engine (except ducted fans) where a fuel with total synthetic oil is desired.


Premium is available in 5%, 10%, and 15% nitro blends. This is a fuel for all your 2-stroke needs. Wildcat premium contains 16% total oil with a composition of 80% synthetic and 20% degummed racing castor. This fuel can be used in all 2-stroke engines that are ABC or AAC ball bearing engines.

Premium Xtra:

Premium Xtra is available in 10% and 15% nitro blends and contains 18% total oil wiwth a composition of 80% synthetic and 20% degummed racing castor. The extra 2% oil being for ringed, brushed engines, break0in and where extra oil is simply wanted or required by warranty.

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