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Nitro RC Fuel from Byron Originals

Only Byron Fuels’ powerful glow fuel combines computerized blending accuracy, raw material purity, pressurized nitrogen blanketing, high-velocity closed-loop raw material integration and the best recipe. These factors merge to create a high-quality RC model fuel that RC car champions rely on.

Find Bryon Fuels products like those listed here from a hobby shop dealer near you, or view the blends that are available direct from Byron Originals, Inc.

Our RC Model Fuel Products

Byron Race Gen2 R/C fuel gallon

RACE Gen2:

We set out to develop a full line of competitive and sport fuels specifically for car applications — and RACE is the powerful result. Made with Byron Proprietary Lubricants and the highest quality nitromethane and methanol available, Byron RACE has become the leading fuel in many countries where modeling on land is more practical than in the air. Since introducing Gen2 RACE fuels in 2008, Byron Fuels continues leading the competition in On-Road and Off-Road.

Byron RACE Gen2 fuels are firmly entrenched in winner's circles everywhere — a feat that wouldn’t be possible if all car fuels were created equal.

RACE 1600 Gen2 and RACE 2000 Gen2 are blended with 12% total lubrication while RACE 2500 Gen2 and RACE 3000 Gen2 are blended with an 11% total oil content. RACE 1600 Gen2 (16% nitro) and RACE 2500 Gen2 (25% nitro) are specifically designed for international competitions which limit the nitro percentages of 1/10 and 1/8 scale cars.

Byron ProDriver RC fuel gallon


ProDriver Fuels are designed specifically for competition. They differ from their RACE Gen2 counterparts of the same nitromethane percentage by 2-% less total lubrication (3% less in the case of ProDriver 1600 Gen2). Before RACE fuels were re-engineered with the new Gen2 lubrication package, our ProDriver Fuels were reserved only for our Factory Team Drivers and were not available to the general modeling public. The new Gen2 lubrication package offers such an improvement in protection that with the introduction of the Gen2 line, we also made the lower oil content ProDriver blends available to all our dealers. Care should still be taken in tuning with the ProDriver Fuels. After finding your maximum power needle valve setting, always richen the engine from that setting to prevent overly lean runs.

Byron Aero Gen2 R/C fuel gallon

Aero Gen2:

These glow fuels feature a wide range of nitromethane and oil percentages and are available in your choice of synthetic/castor blends or straight synthetic lubrication. Generally, a 16% total oil content is more than adequate for optimum RC car performance and minimal parts wear. For those who feel more comfortable with higher oil percentages, we manufacture our Aero Traditional Blends with 20% total oil content and our Aero Premium 18 Blends with a total oil content of 18%.

Byron 4-Cycle fuel gallon

4-Cycle Fuels:

We recommend only a synthetic/castor oil content for 4-cycle engine applications. This recommendation is currently being relaxed by many 4-cycle engine manufacturers. While some manufacturers blend 4-cycle fuel with a different total oil content than their regular 2-cycle fuels, we have always maintained the exact same oil content for our 4 and 2-cycle fuels. In some cases, you may find a manufacturer who will stress that 4-cycle fuel should not be run in his 4-cycle engine. This statement is based upon the theory that 4-cycle fuel generally contains less oil than 2-cycle fuel.

Your best bet: Check with the distributor or dealer on the warranty policy first, and then decide which fuel to run in your 4-cycle engine.

You can count on Byron Originals to state the exact oil content on the label so you can determine whether our 4-cycle fuel (at 16% total oil content) is right for your application or if you should move to our Premium 18, (with 18% oil) or our Traditional (with 20% oil). Regardless of your decision, we recommend you limit your nitromethane to either 10% (larger 4 strokes) or 15% (smaller 4 strokes).

Byron Rotor Rage RC fuel gallon

Rotor Rage:

The Rotor Rage family of RC helicopter glow fuels joined the Byron Fuels lineup in 2008. At the heart of each Rotor Rage blend is a cutting edge lubrication formula that provides greater flowability throughout the engine to insure superior lubrication and previously unheard of performance—all at lower operating temperatures. The higher flashpoints, as evidenced in the decrease in smoke and absence of deposits inside the engine, insure the lubrication survives the combustion chamber and continues to do its job.

15%, 22.5% and 30% Rotor Rage Master's Blend Helicopter Fuels feature a 21% Proprietary LowVis Synthetic package and provide the same benefits to sport flyers as 30% provides in competitors fuel.

Byron Race Drag RC fuel gallon

Race Drag:

Race Drag was a winner at the time of introduction, taking the 2009 World Championships in the nitro fuel class! At the root of DRAG's performance is its special proprietary synthetic lubrication package.

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