BlackOps high performance fuel for RC cars


Black-Ops fuels are produced with only the highest quality raw good available. Whether you are bashing or hitting the track Black-Ops has the quality you are looking for. Our oil packages are specifically engineered by KLOTZ and offers superior protection regardless of your skill level.

We encourage you to try BlackOps Fuel from your local hobby shop. Click here to find BlackOps Fuel dealers near you.

If you are unable to locate the blend you are looking for, click here to view blends available direct from Byron Originals, Inc.

Protekk BlackOps RC fuel gallon


Protekk fuel is the ultimate in basher fuel designed specifically with maximum engine life and performance in mind. with our exclusive MaxLife lubricant package. Protekk fuel will increase the life of your model engine without sacrificing performance. Protekk fuel is designed to work with all R/C car, truck, buggie, truggie and monster trucks.

BlackOps Off-Road RC fuel gallon jug


Off-Road is a premium performance fuel for truggies, buggies and monster trucks. This fuel was designed with the harsh dusty environment of off-road racing in mind. Our unique and exclusive Dust-Off lubricant provides maximum power and torque with reduced heat for extended engine life. Off-Road is designed to work with all truggies, buggies and monster trucks.

BlackOps ProRace RC fuel gallon


ProRace is second to none in both quality and performance. Our products are produced using only the best nitromethane and methanol. Our performance lubricants are produced exclusively for our fuels by the industry's leader in model engine lubrication. We believe in consistently delivering quality to earn your loyalty and ProRace will convert you to the Wildcat/BlackOps family of fuels for life.

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