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Byron Originals, Inc. Announces Discontinuation of The Byron Fuels Brand

Ida Grove, IA (May 28, 2020) – Byron Originals, Inc., an Iowa-based manufacturer, is making the difficult announcement that the company will be ending production and discontinuing their Byron Fuels brand after 32 years of operation in the RC fuels industry. Over the last decade, demand for RC nitro fuel has significantly declined due to industry and consumer-related factors. Production will officially end in late May, and the brand will be retired when the remaining product inventory is sold.

Tips on How To Get the Most Out of Your RC Nitro Fuel

Whether you’re out driving on the track or just tearing up the backyard, having a great RC setup for optimizing your nitro fuel can help you get closer to that perfect lap during competition or while driving for fun. The team at Byron Fuels has been engineering fuel that powers peak performance since 1988, and we want to ensure you’re getting the most of it. We’ve gathered a few tips to help you achieve high performance.

Nitromethane: What Is It and How Does It Affect RC Engine Performance?

Seasoned RC hobbyists and racers know the importance of having the right blended material in nitro fuel, but for those that are new to RC, it can be a little daunting to navigate what all the different fuel blends mean. Nitro fuel is a mixture of nitromethane, methanol, and lubricants (synthetic or castor oils). Each ingredient plays a critical part in producing engine power and protection. The mix of each element produces different fuel combustion results. One of the key elements that the Byron Fuels team highlights in this article is nitromethane, to help you understand what it is and how it adds a bit of kick to the engine.

Three Tips For Running Your Nitro During Winter

Thrashing your Nitro through fresh snow during the cold winter months can be a fun thrill while waiting for summer to roll around. But it's important to know that frigid conditions can have some negative effects on the chassis, engine, and other components. If you are not going to store away your RC during winter, nitro engines will require some thorough preparation and retuning to ensure that it drives as smoothly as possible. For this, we are highlighting three crucial steps you need to take for a less worrisome and more enjoyable winter run.

Storing Your Nitro Engine and Fuel During Winter

For those RC enthusiasts that are looking to store their nitros during winter or for long periods of time, special attention to your engine and fuel should be made in preparation. This will not only keep your investment in good condition, but it will also help ensure everything is ready to go when it’s time to take your RC out for a spin. To take some of the guesswork out of storage prep, we’ve assembled some tips to help get you started.

Steps for A Beneficial Nitro Engine Tuning Routine

Getting a nitro engine into top working condition can be a fun and/or frustrating challenge. While every motor is somewhat different and may take a little more tinkering for everything to run smoothly, you can begin to simplify the process by incorporating a tuning routine while you set everything up. Not only will a routine help you maintain a desired tune, but it will also reduce the likelihood of other majors issues inconveniently popping up. We’ve assembled a few steps for a tuning routine that will help eliminate some of the guesswork.

Byron Fuels Racer Spotlight: Cody King

Ida Grove, IA (November 8, 2019) - For many in the R/C community, the excitement of building, showcasing, and racing R/C vehicles is more than just a hobby; it’s a passion. That’s why Byron Fuels is proud to help fuel that same enthusiasm in professional R/C racer and 2010 1/8 Off-Road World Champion, Cody King. For more than nine years, King has been a part of the Byron Fuels team and has competed in events across the globe.

DNC Expert Truggy Winner, Tyler Brown, Signs With Byron Fuels

Ida Grove, IA (October 31, 2019) – Byron Fuels, an Iowa-based manufacturer of premium nitro racing fuel, is excited to announce that Tyler Brown has been signed onto the Byron Fuels team. Brown’s devotion for everything that involves R/C racing stems from a long career in motorsports. His brand of enthusiasm for R/C is exactly why Byron Fuels continues to develop the best nitro fuel possible; enabling others to fuel their passion to their fullest potential.

Five Tips To Keep A Nitro Engine Healthy With Byron Fuels

Byron Fuels’ unique blends of proprietary lubricants and fuels are specially developed to help keep nitro engines running at peak performance and well protected from everyday wear and tear. After a fun day at the track and it comes time to pack it in, make it a point to take proper care of the nitro engine. There are many different competing ideas and methods that are used to make sure the engine is ready to roll in the future, such as running all the fuel out of the engine or never running the engine dry of fuel. Due to different engine variables, there may be other methods to fine tuning your nitro engine...

Byron Fuels Announces The Return of Colin Herzig To The Team

IDA GROVE, IA (September 26, 2019) – Byron Fuels, an Iowa-based manufacturer of premium nitro racing fuel, is proud to announce that Colin Herzig has returned to the Byron Fuels team. Herzig has a deep-rooted passion for R/C racing and has been a professional nitro racer since 2011...

Revive Older Glow Engines with Byron Originals RACE Gen2 Fuel

Ida Grove, Iowa (June 25, 2019) - Looking to dust off the old rig and take it out for a spin? When taking the time to revive and re-tune an old glow engine, having the right fuel can make all the difference in protecting older engines and giving them new life. Byron Originals, a leading manufacturer of RC fuel, has a dedicated line of fuel mixtures specifically designed to safeguard internal engine parts from wear and overheating. Byron’s RACE Gen2 fuels have the ideal mixture of castor and synthetic oils to prevent lean runs, enable proper lubrication, and make tuning easier.

Cody King Places 1st in the 2019 Nitro Series

"Headed out to Banning for JBRL on Friday. We knew the track would be different from Friday to Saturday, so Friday practice was pretty much learn the layout. Saturday morning we did about 10 minutes of practice and my car was really good, so I knew we would be competitive. After qualifying, I would start 2nd, only 8 tenths off Adam's TQ." - Cody King

Monty Houston takes home the gold in the 2019 Dirt Nitro Challenge

Big shout out to Byron team driver Monty Houston for topping to podium at the 2019 Dirt Nitro Challenge. Congrats to all drivers for a weekend of great racing.

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