The Facility

Byron Originals Fuel Blending Facility was designed and built solely for the production of model engine fuel. From the day Bryon Fuels began in Ida Grove, Iowa, every facet of these facilities has been designed for excellent storage and handling of raw fuel materials. Our location is built to facilitate the blending and bottling of the finest model engine fuels.

Made from the Finest Materials

Pure materials are used in Byron Fuels for the best RC fuel quality

In the "Product Development and Testing" section of this web site, we have outlined the extensive development and testing programs that resulted in the proprietary castor and synthetic lubricants used in the manufacturing of our model engine fuel products. The remaining ingredients of nitromethane and methanol appear to be rather commonly attained raw materials, requiring no special attention. However, we recognize that improper storage and handling of raw goods can result in a tainted finished product. With superior quality being an absolute requirement for Byron Fuels, we give special attention and exceptional care to the proper storage and processing of our raw goods to ensure that only the best materials go into each and every bottle.

Trusted Methanol and Nitromethane Suppliers

Only the finest grade of virgin methanol is shipped to us by our methanol supplier. While methanol may sometimes be carried in a tanker that had previously carried some other liquid, our methanol is delivered to us only in tankers that have been dedicated solely to the transport of methanol. Methanol shipments don’t leave the supplier’s bulk storage until they have met moisture and purity standards that both Byron Originals and our supplier have agreed upon. To ensure compliance with our extremely high standards, we conduct material sampling on a consistent basis.

Pure high quality nitromethane for better quality RC fuel

The purity of nitromethane can vary, depending upon the date on which it is manufactured by the nitromethane supplier. While other fuel blenders may be attracted by low pricing of inferior and inconsistent nitromethane produced, we only use nitromethane that is produced to our standards. The finished nitromethane product is assayed for quality by the manufacturer, prior to storage in 55-gallon nitrogen-blanketed drums. When we place our order with the producer, our drums are hand-selected by a set of specifications we have established. Only the purest stocks that meet these specifications are shipped to us and individual assay sheets, shipped with the nitromethane, are cross-checked and filed.

Smart Engineering Down to Every Bottle

We occasionally are questioned on the integrity of one of our fuel products that has been in storage for a given period of time. While it is advisable that you run fresh fuel (especially avoid running fuel in metal cans that have been stored for a considerable period of time), much of the worries associated with a stored fuel can be put aside if the fuel is Byron Fuel, has been in your possession and has been properly stored since it was originally purchased.

HIgh density polyethylene bottles provides a better seal against waterThere are international regulations on the properties of bottles that hold model engine fuel, making sure they are of a high enough integrity that they will not allow methanol or nitromethane to escape through the pores of the bottle. We have taken this one step further. Our bottle supplier provides us with not only high-density polyethylene bottles of the approved quality, but ones made of a special high molecular material as well. This added specification not only seals in the methanol, but it seals water out.

All boxing has met rigorous testing for United Nations Approval for domestic and international shipments by common carrier and steamship.

Accurate Computer Blending

Correct formula calculations produce a more dependable RC fuel

There are several factors that contribute to a correct and consistent formula and one of our most important tools in this effort is our specially designed metering equipment. Formulas are programmed into the meters and cross checked before metering any raw materials. The meters are calibrated for accuracy on a set maintenance schedule and feature "floating zero" accuracy to within .02%. (That’s not two percent, but two one-hundredths of a percent!) Each of the meters is temperature compensated to assure an accurate consistency, regardless of the outside temperatures. During the metering process, visual inventories of raw material levels are also taken as a cross check to the meters.

High Velocity Loop Blending And Conventional Agitation Assure A Thoroughly Blended Mixture

The first materials to enter our blending tank are the nitromethane and methanol. These materials are pumped through a high velocity loop while the remaining ingredients of castor and/or synthetic and other additives are "injected" into this loop. In this way, the blend continually richens as the lubrication is introduced to the other materials rather than just dumping everything into a drum and stirring it. A secondary mixing device provides conventional paddle agitation to assure blended consistency.

Maximum blending tank capacity is 2,000 gallons per batch.

Precise Finished Product Filtering

We utilize a 5 micron filtering system as a final assurance that the finished product is free from any physical contaminates before it is bottled and capped. Accurate filling equipment provides a precise and predetermined measure of fuel in every bottle.

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