About Byron Fuels

Byron Originals began designing, manufacturing and marketing the Byron Originals Line of giant scale remotely piloted aircraft in 1975. We rapidly earned the reputation of being the leader in this area of the hobby industry and our kits were sold in nearly every country in the world.

Byron Originals Fuel was first introduced in 1988. The product line originally included ducted fan jet fuel, conventional prop aircraft fuel and specially blended helicopter fuel. A strong International Distributor Network was highly instrumental in the development and eventual introduction of Byron RACE Fuels; a complete and separate line of premium fuel for R/C cars. Close ties with modelers of all kinds quickly led to the design, production and success of specialty fuels such as competition fuels for boats, special fuels for large gas engines that have been converted to glow fuel, "unlimited" aircraft race fuel and fuels for other specialized applications.

Expanding Byron Originals

A plastics molding division of Byron Originals was soon formed to produce parts used on our model aircraft kits and to provide a wide variety of OEM customers with injection molded and rotocast components to be used in the manufacture of their finished products. The rapid growth and success in custom molding encouraged us to engineer and produce a proprietary line of outdoor furniture and accessories for Pool & Spa and Marine use, marketed under the trade name of Leisure Locker, as well as our extremely popular line of non-slip, maintenance-free spa steps (See www.stepnstow.com).

In 1998, diminishing interest in building model airplanes from kits reduced the size of that part of the hobby and the decision was made to discontinue the manufacture of Byron Originals Aircraft Kits. However, during this same time, strong domestic and international fuel markets increased and the demand for Byron Fuel has also continually increased from year to year. This assures us and our customers that, while the model aircraft hobby is changing, modeling in general (including the purchase and construction of popular Almost-Ready-to-Fly aircraft, helicopters, "gas" cars and nitro powered boats) is still very strong around the world.

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