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Revive Older Glow Engines with Byron Originals RACE Gen2 Fuel

Ida Grove, Iowa (June 25, 2019) - Looking to dust off the old rig and take it out for a spin? When taking the time to revive and re-tune an old glow engine, having the right fuel can make all the difference in protecting older engines and giving them new life. Byron Originals, a leading manufacturer of RC fuel, has a dedicated line of fuel mixtures specifically designed to safeguard internal engine parts from wear and overheating. Byron’s RACE Gen2 fuels have the ideal mixture of castor and synthetic oils to prevent lean runs, enable proper lubrication, and make tuning easier.

The fortified castor oil used in Byron Fuels is the perfect heat carrier, preventing lean runs that can wear out glow plugs or cause engine failure. Running older engines without fuel that contains castor oil can easily lead to the demise of a cherished motor. The ability of RACE Gen2 blend extends to giving old glow engines new-found performance too.

Along with its unique fortified castor oil, RACE Gen2 also incorporates a variety of reinforced synthetic oils at various low and high-temperature viscosities. Having a range of synthetic oils in the fuel blend provides more lubrication throughout the engine while not sacrificing performance capabilities at different operating temperatures. While the old engine might not have the same performance as it did when it was new, Byron’s mixture will count in the long run.

Tuning older engines can be especially tricky. Having to check components and make adjustments can leave a lot more questions than answers. One thing that can be counted on to make the tuning process easier is the right fuel blend. The unparalleled lubrication that one gets with Byron Fuels can make tuning and preserving your RC motor a much more simple process.

Byron Originals RACE Gen2 fuels come in a variety of different lubrication and nitro concentrations. For the older engines, RACE 2000 Gen2 and RACE 3000 Gen2 are the ideal choices. Both provide generous lubrication for maximum protection.

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